Oil Mist Detector MD-SX II


/Medium- and high speed diesel engines/

Serious failures can be found early or predicted


MD-SX II is the controller of oil mist detectors developed for 4 stroke engines (low-, medium- and high-speed diesel engines) exclusive use based on MD-SX which have been supplied so man sets on the market.
The medium-speed and high-speed 4 stroke engines are more compact crankcase than the low speed 2 stroke engines. Addition to that, 4 stroke engines are not completely divided by the walls in the crankcase. That means there is a wide open space in the crankcase.
Utilizing the structure of 4 stroke engines, MD-SX II can detect without dropping responsivity even if the numbers of sensor fitting is reduced.
MD-SX II is programmed the function that oil mist density no sensor fitted is estimated is estimated by actual oil mist density next fitted sensors both sides. The program has already been registered a patent.
The oil mist level indicator is displayed for 1 point, but the display of oil mist level is automatically shifted to all fitted sensor’s position periodically. It is easy to operate as same as MD-SX.
The dimensions of the controller are about two-third of MD-SX controller. The volume os install the controller can be more compact.
MD-SX II can be used with ease as same as MD-SX considering the function and cost.



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