Customer Service


We can offer you many after-sales services within contribution with Daihatsu Diesel.

Service network

For the Daihatsu engines numerous service point available around the world through our service network. No matter where are your vessels operating the experienced service team will be available right on time.


e-GICSw system

Internet Service for Performance and Maintenance Diagnosis of Main Engine and Generator Engine

This new e-GICS W provides customers with an integrated support system for vessel by adding functions of DAIHATSU generator engine independently to e-GICS that has been available for members since November 2004 to deal with performance and maintenance diagnosis service of Mitsui-MAN B&W main engine.

e-GICS W member can enjoy various service functions online on marine main engine and generator engine by their own PCs such as engine performance diagnosis, maintenance diagnosis of parts, searching and browsing of technical and business information, Q & A communication and making order for parts.

This jointly developed system for diesel generator engine (D/G) has the following four major functions, same as for e-GICS of the main engine:

  1. Electronic Carte System
    This is a service to diagnose and find any abnormality of operational conditions of D/G at all time automatically or with observations by DAIHATSU technial staff. The system comprises the performance diagnosis function and maintenance diagnosis function.

  2. Electronic Document System
    Electronic document system unifies and manages the technical and service information on D/G. Necessary information can be obtained easily by searching and browsing at any time when necessary.

  3. Q & A System
    Q & A system is a communication system between the member and DAIHATSU technical staff for quick solution of the problem. History of Q & A is also managed for future reference.

  4. Electronic Order System
    Electonic order system is a supporting system for ordering D/G parts/components. Streamlining and speedy processing of parts/components ordering will be achieved by linking with Parts Order Supporting System "DIPASS", separately developed.


Of course, we can offer further services for instance maintenance DVD and training opportunities in the Daihatsu Training Center for the engineer teams. So if you have got further questions, please feel free to ask it.

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