Daihatsu Diesel Products

Daihatsu Diesel manufactures approximately 20 different kind of engines for marine and land use. Daihatsu Motor Group is part of the Toyota Group which is a confirmation for the available highest quality. The company has got more than a century experience on the field of engine production and owns a huge factory in Japan (Moriyama plant) which means Daihatsu Diesel provides their engines with 100% Made in Japan quality.

The key targets for the company are the following:

  • Reliability & durability
  • Reduce the maintenance costs and time demands
  • Protect the enviroment
  • Efficiency
  • Compactness


On these pages you will find marine used Daihatsu propulsion engines as well as gensets. You can also take a look on our land used stationary engines and other engine related products which can prevent numerous serious failures and are available for every kind of internal combustion engines not only for the Daihatsu engines.

Our engines running on marine diesel oil (MDO) as well as on heavy fuel oil (HFO) with no restrictions (and some kind of stationary engines using gas). Later we also would like to present the marine used gas and duel-fuel engines which are under development currently but will be available soon.

We can provide a very wide production range from 350 kW up to 6600 kW with the rev from 600 rpm up to 1200 rpm.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact us.

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